Claim Your Business Listing

Claiming your business listing allows you to ensure your information is correct on It will also allow you to enhance your business listing profile by adding pictures, promotions, hours of operations, videos and more.


1) Search for and find your business listing on, and click the Claim Now! link.


2) Fill out the details in the CLAIM YOUR BUSINESS LISTING pop-up box.


3) If you already have a general user account, click the Returning User? Check This Box To Sign In box and input your existing email and password. Click, Claim Your Business Now!


If you don’t already have an account, input your business email and click, Claim Your Business Now!


If your submission was successful, you’ll see a Thank You! notification and a Return to Dashboard button will appear.

  • The Return to Dashboard button will take you to your Account Profile Management page.

You’ll receive an email notification of your submission with your credentials, including your account username and password. This username and password is what you’ll use to login to the Business Directory.


The Claim your Business Listing verification process may take a couple of days, but you will receive an email notification once your claim has been approved.


If your business listing already has a blue check mark (Claimed), but you don’t have record of claiming your business listing, contact Support.