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Our mission at Daisy Family Health is to provide an avenue of health care services on a personal level. When you come to Daisy Family Health, you will be cared for by everyone, you will feel welcomed and appreciated. Our Nurse Practitioner follows the nursing model when providing care to you, focusing on the whole body and mind. Prevention of diseases is our primary focus. Who Calls The Shots? Johnnie Taylor Hi, I am Johnnie Taylor, it is my pleasure to serve you however I can help. My passion is service, if I can do anything at all to make you feel more like family than just a number, I would love to do so. When you come into Daisy, you more than likely will be greeted by me as i handle all of your needs until you get to the provider, so, please just ask. I am a true lover of dogs, if you do have a fur baby I will definitely talk your ears off about them. I am warm and friendly, easy to approach, and can direct you as needed. Sometimes Angie (NP) will call me, office manager...clinical care executive, lol or just plain Johnnie. This is her perspective: Johnnie has an extensive background in business management and customer service. Johnnie was trained as a surgical tech and has a love for the medical field. He is trained in HIPAA compliance and is starting to learn billing, coding, and other medical you may see him wearing different hats when you are at the clinic. Hello, I am Angie, a family nurse practitioner, and integrative nutrition health coach. I am nationally certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am excited to dedicate myself to you and your family. I've been taking care of people since 1994 and excited to take it a step further by becoming an integrative nutrition health coach, I am learning about functional medicine as well. My primary care members know I am always educating about tools to improve health through diet, exercise, and stress management! My passion is helping people naturally, I do extensive studying in homeopathy, aromatherapy, women's health, men's health, nutritional health, peptide therapy. I also enjoy helping others stay healthy, this is a challenge in America, with our fast-paced lives. I am blessed to connect with you. I can be your primary care provider, health coach, or both, and I will give you the best care imaginable.


4150 W Peoria Ave



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