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Tyson Pete is a man of many talents. But they were all forged out of tragedy. Born in Wichita, Kansas, raised by a hard working, very strict mother, he was guaranteed to be strong, meticulous, and skillful in everything he would do. With his mother working very hard, Tyson was often left to his own imaginations and childlike curiosity. Like many other urban born children, he saw his community diminishing and killing itself daily. With such degradation before him, it was painfully apparent to those around Tyson that he would grow up to be what all those before him had been, a statistic. And he almost did. In elementary and junior high school Tyson was viciously bullied. As any child would, Tyson sought out help, only to find he had no one to depend on. So he had to learn, and quickly, how to defend himself. And he did, but not before taking well over his share of brutal beatings. Tyson’s reality was most certainly not an easy one. He had many struggles and valleys that he trudged through. It came to a point where mere survival was considered a win. At the age of fourteen, Tyson began to experiment with drugs. He quickly found that life was easier when he escaped reality than when he was faced with it. Finding it very easy to make money, he was able to feed his habits and still find time to go to school. Through elementary, junior high, and high school, Tyson proved to be incredibly intelligent. Graduating 2 years early, he went on to college and graduated while still doing whatever it took to get money and escape his reality. But then as though life had a personal vendetta against him, Tyson was faced with the biggest blow of his life, homelessness. As he went from family member to family member and friend to friend, he couldn’t find any place to lay his head and take a breath. Now in the streets of New Jersey, Tyson found himself completely alone, with nowhere to go and no one to call on. Tyson was in a cold, dark, haunting place, with no light to guide him. He knew that if he didn’t do something he would die, so he did whatever he could find to do. By any means necessary he was determined to live. Finally Tyson realized he needed help and was directed to a facility that helped men get back on track. However, when Tyson took residence there, he had all but given up on life. Surely this couldn’t be his life. Surely there was more than this. But to him it seemed all hope was lost, until one day a woman came into the facility and changed his life. She offered him a job as a cook in her restaurant. He couldn’t believe it. “Are you sure?” he asked her repeatedly. And she assured him that she was. This changed his life forever. Tyson’s first passion is cooking. And this woman must have seen that in him. Because not only did she give him a good paying job and a place to live, she sent him to culinary school. And because of this single opportunity, Tyson Pete became a Celebrity Chef. He has cooked for stars such as Michael B. Jordan, Ms. Lauren Hill, and senator Cory Booker. He has catered for organizations such as BET, CNN, MTV and The City Of Newark. If Mr. Pete’s story ended here; it would be a great rags to riches story indeed. However, this was just his beginning. He would go on to author a five time nominated book called “Dirty Laundry, Confessions Of A Married Bi-Sexual Man”, two books of poetry, “Love Lesson”, and “Alone After Midnight” and has another one coming soon. He became an entrepreneur opening multiple businesses, one of which is called The Pieces Of Me where he is a full time certified Life Coach helping people live happier, healthier lives. He is also a community Activist as well as a Philanthropist. Today Tyson lives with his four beautiful children has founded a nonprofit organization called Black Eminence Inc.. He has dedicated his life to helping others have a life that isn’t striving for survival, but about living to the fullest. Mr. Pete says, “There’s no reason that we all can’t eat, we just have to put in the work when the opportunity is revealed”.


4949 E Van Buren St.



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