Support Black-Owned Businesses

This project was created to take away emphasis from using “Black” as a discount code via Black Friday. In turn, we created Blax Friday where people shop at Black-Owned Businesses. Not for a discount on Friday – but just because.

Roux Events created the Blax Friday project in June 2020 with a huge shout-out to the creator of BLAX, Khailill Knight-Papaioannou and HR Professional, Michaela Baker; whose Facebook posts started a call with #blaxfriday for getting to know local Black business owners, and the importance of representation and financial support.

Many Black-Owned Businesses are lumped into categories labeled “PoCs” or “Minority” and with a higher population of “PoCs” in Arizona, they are often overlooked, and it’s rare to see Black-Owned Businesses receive recognition or granted access to financial assistance. This is what the movement is about, support for Black-Owned Businesses.

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